Vender VR

Vender is an IoT connected vending machine that started as an R&D project at Solstice before Adam joined the team. Less than a month before Solstice's digital innovation summit – Solstice FWD – Vender was expanded to the virtual world. Adam took the project on head first and developed the first ever virtual reality vending machine experience.

A user vends the drink of their choice by putting their hand up to one of the drink taps and waiting for the cup to be filled. Once filled, a service call is made to the Raspberry Pi hooked up to the vending machine, which then vends the user's drink. Drink choices are populated from a Hybris Platform which stores and manages all of Vender's data.

ROLE — Sole VR / Unity Developer
TECH — Unity, C#, Oculus Rift, Leap Motion, Raspberry Pi, Hybris Platform
DATE — September 2015